Because IPCC‘s one goal is to fill a particular gap in public knowledge on climate change. Specifically: who has the most credible information and why are they the most credible.

Too few people recognize the acronym IPCC.

What is Because IPCC?

Because IPCC is a book. Read it now for free. It’s a work of fiction in illustrated style set 100 years in the future at a time when the climate crisis has been resolved.

Mission Statement

To celebrate the IPCC and its achievements: Because IPCC will increase name recognition of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and increase appreciation of the IPCC as the ultimate authority on the science, risks,and solutions. Because IPCC will explain in a simple comic-book style the IPCC’s unassailable method.

What’s the IPCC?

The IPCC Is the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Since 1988 they’ve been producing reports that are the consensus of the world’s scientists & experts AND the consensus of the world’s governments too.

An official, formal consensus of scientists and governments.

They won the Nobel Prize.

Who’s Behind the book Because IPCC?

The publication and distribution of Because IPCC is a project of volunteers at the Canadian charity Succession.

The book Because IPCC is not formally associated with the IPCC itself.

Should I Donate?

Because IPCC was conceived and produced by volunteers who paid its initial expenses out of their own pockets. The maintenance of Because IPCC and the management of it as a project continues to be an entirely volunteer effort. Any donations you make go entirely to reaching more readers.

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