Because IPCC – The Video

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Why Did We Make Because IPCC [62 seconds]

Transcript: Why did we make Because IPCC? If you ask a friend or someone on the street if they know what the IPCC is, they’ll probably not know. We actually do this. IPCC name recognition is so low there’s never been a study done on IPCC name recognition. If you want to know other things about climate change there are books and movies and TV specials and podcasts and Facebook pages. But almost nothing about how the IPCC does its work. Lots about the science of climate change, about ice caps, rising seas and storms. Lots about the politics. But almost nobody knows that the reason we know what we know about climate change is because of the IPCC. And when you understand how the IPCC does its job – and that the results are a real, official consensus among the worlds scientists AND among virtually every government in the world, you think this is amazing! Inspiring. So, we made Because IPCC because no one else is telling you about it.

Who did we make Because IPCC for? [45 seconds]

Transcript: People often tell us the book Because IPCC will be great for students in schools. I guess that’s because the story is told using a classroom as the stage. But really we made the book for anyone who believes climate change could be a problem, but needs a little more confidence that the experts really know what they are talking about. When you know that there is a real, even an official consensus not only among scientists but also agreed to by virtually every government on earth – including your own – it’s true – check if your government is a member of the IPCC – they are. When you know that, you read the news differently, you hear what your friends say differently, you shop differently, you vote differently. If someone learns even one new fact from Because IPCC – we made it for them.

Why Share Because IPCC? [19 seconds]

Transcript: Please share the book Because IPCC on social media. We put the book out there for free so it could be accessible to everyone. And we’re doing our best to publicise it. But we need your help. Our objective is first, second, and third that people get their hands on this little known knowledge. You can help with only a few clicks.

Why donate to Because IPCC? [24 seconds]

Transcript: Why donate to Because IPCC? Well to put it together volunteers with the charity Succession paid out of their own pockets. Nobody’s making any money here. But we need a little bit of money to spread the word, to find readers. Your small gift today will help. What the volunteer scientists at the IPCC have done is amazing. Please help us tell other people about it.

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